Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Little Extraa About Me ! (pic heavy!)


I know I have my about me page which gives you a brief...  but somehow I feel that's not enough for you .... because, when I read blogs which I do aaaaaaalot !!!! and when i like them I somehow want to know more about the writer . so, I thought I will not let my peeps ever feel this way . hence my darlingsss get to know your dreamer blogger a little closely .. go ahead read A Little Extraa About Me -

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May!!

oh! how much i love this song  for it uplifts my mood in no time and another reason to love it is  thatmy  birthday fall in MAY and here's  how i looked on my B'day -

May B'day
(if you want to know the makeup-break down comment below ! )

I love everything that falls in the category of MAKE-UP, BEAUTY or FASHION and the dreamer within me dreams about them not only when I sleep but I dream about them with open eyes (a day dreamer i am ).
if you take a look at my header you will notice that along with many Indian brands I have mentioned quite a few international brands as well. my dreams is to own make up and beauty products from all of them ... and not only that there were times when i use to walk into these high-end stores swatch their products feel them and just quietly sneak out .. the image below is when i went to MAC store in Delhi, lip swatched Mac Russian Red and came out jumping with joy at it was first time ever that I had a MAC lippy on my lips :P .. though I own some  now I can never forgot those days when I had dreams but no money  (its not like I am a billionaire now but I manage somehow  :D):P

Food court, Pacific Mall, Delhi

I love photography and this blog is going to be my new victim after Facebook where I can post all the photos I take and feel are worth sharing . I am posting three photos that I really love and would love to get some tips from you guys for better photography.

 take a look-

taken at India Gate, New Delhi

taken at Janpath Market, New Delhi.

taken at Janpath Market, New Delhi

Its my dream to see all the cities in the world and street shop from each  ... I have never been to phoren!! for now i am enjoying the beauties of my nation for a travel lover like me being born in India is a boon !! my recent tip to the TAJ MAHAL :) I looked - I gasped - I kept looking ... beauty indeed .. 

take a look -

at Taj Mahal, Agra,India

Okay!! now I am going to show case some pics that have been taken by me but not only for the love of photography but FOOD! i am a big foodie i love everything about food ..... I have been stared at by various people for eating alot and till late ( U enjoy every bite and take my time   :P) I love every kind North Indian to south and Italian to Chinese cuisines.

 here take a bite -

taken at The Big Yellow Door, New Delhi.

taken at Sarvana Bhawan, New Delhi

taken at Rico's, New Delhi 

taken at The Big Yellow Door, New Delhi.

taken at Rico's, New Delhi 

I have always been a reader but now i have decided jump to the other side and fulfil my dream of being a blogger ...after much thought process guys i am ready to rock n roll !!  I promise to love and nurture this blog having said that guys I would like to seek your apologies in advance as i will not be able to post further till second week of September I have a very important interview coming up and I have to prepare certain submission that will decide my future to an extent ... till then 

Keep Dreaming!!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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